Theatre of Light
After seeing so many exciting and exquisite exhibitions,
is there a single image that stays in your heart?

With ambiguous spatial intention, the stage instead has become a more charming space of dramatic visual effects.

The designer employs magical lighting to bring out the modern furniture scattered throughout the room;
rich designs allow each piece to dazzle like stars on the stage.

Through close range interaction, people's instinct to come closer and participate, explore,
touch and imagine are encouraged.Besides allowing the audience to interact with the surroundings,
it testifies and pays respect to avant-garde aesthetics.

Mold imprints are kept to create a cave-like mysticism.

Unfinished brick walls, rusty iron plates,
burnt classroom chairs and other man-made traces of wear
and tear are displayed in irregular order, creating nostalgia in the room.

This surreal atmosphere sometimes makes you smile because of its fairytale-like scenes,
such as the green lawn tabletop with a flock of lively white doves,
which creates a window display illusion.

With your body soaked in the rich layers of light, every step
and every movement of the eye can feel the extremes of old and new;
it is a contradicting yet deep meditation of conflict and harmony.


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