People’s imagination of heaven always begins with a warm light.
Here, there are subtleties and details, while retaining a hope for beauty.

The metal perforations on the doors are a reminder for the viewer to breathe,
on the periphery black square metal pieces levitate, they are passing travelers,
entering a multi-colored space-time with a turn around the corner.

Pure white
in itself has an exaggerated and theatrical aloofness, an otherworldly quality,
but faintly suggests a self-deprecation, the designer’s attempt to break free,
freely, violently expressing herself through the burst of colors and wild palette.
The high color value of the light yellow couch captures a spring garden in full bloom.
This abstract creation possesses a black and white structure, yet strikes an easy balance with its colorful side, reflecting the desires of this human world.

Gradated lines on the walls
are like regular yet irregular pulses of the electrocardiogram,
echoing the flittering, winding, soaring and bending angles of the ceiling and main wall,
which guide your sensory organs to feel its palpitating and tingling pulse.

the spotlight lands on a certain wall, starlight is projected every which way,
light is the thread with which it weaves its hopes and dreams,
a poem that is written with pure white and dazzling colors.


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