It’s like a dream within a dream.
Like suddenly jumping from modernity into the Middle Ages.
The shifting eras remove “style” from the realm of popular discussion.

Beams stripped of plaster, wooden boards smoked black, shattered bricks, Pandomo floors, faux concrete geometrical shapes.
Black representing deepness, wood signifying steadiness, bricks bringing warmth, grey bringing coolness.
The conflict of two extremes construct a mysterious, surreal outline, and the burning questions of the designer.

By the ebb and flow of lighting, the grey ceiling and floor create a small universe untouched by time.
Light and darkness, light spots sprinkled throughout, along with layers of contrasting materials create tribes that formulate individual stories.

Even when we are sleeping, we should not be alone, or isolated.
Therefor we insist on giving the master bedroom an unexpectedly colorful palette.
The complex black and white tiles, and the paneled Baroque wall behind the pillows balance each other out intricately.
The multi-purpose shelves opposite the bed with its plain surface are shockingly punctuated with limb-shaped vases, adding a dream-like quality.

What appears in a child’s dream?
A thick line, a shroud of shadow, a bit of imagination, that is the endless One Thousand and One Nights!
We used tarnished copper tubes to form shapes along the wall all the way up to the ceiling, while the black boarded walls are a noir canvas, reserved as a place to release one’s emotions and thoughts.

The multif-faceted space is to live in, but is also rich in theatrical effect.
With a sketched imagery that’s more real than reality, the wallpaper stimulates the vision and imagination.
Emitting a strong sense of metaphor and story, we entice your desire for exploration, and overthrow your baggage of common sense.
Only when we continue to evolve and transform can we see true design.


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