The lightness of paper is often compared to bird feather.

The versatility of paper in the realm of space,
however, is unknown, especially when you see carpentry from the point of view of paper.

When you think about it in terms of lightness,
it is even more confounding.
This particular project is blessed with 101% of the client's endorsement.

The design begins with irregular geometry, including the shoe case,
the ceiling, the television wall, the dining table, the multimedia platform,
all the way to the display area in front of the window.

Like origami paper floating in the sky and like the pure white dance
that extends and folds over all sorts of block surfaces,
the project reveals the designer's cleverness and childish heart.

Additionally, the different spaces are connected together through precise lighting.

The absolute black and white,
though the two ends of a balance that can never meet,
are equally as intense.

It makes it impossible to find a single grey area between
the two extremities. Examine every section of the design;
it is full of precise number calculations and modern craftsmanship technology.


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