K-Design A DESIGN - SILVER MUSE-silver 紐約NEW-YORK 美國spark Architecture prize IDA2022


Suspicion, pause, conflict
repeatedly testing the tolerance of the senses

Purposely reducing its hues to reveal a stripped solemn base
Although light and shadow seem to be frozen in time
one can still hear a faint ticking of the second hand or the rumbling of a heartbeat

The chaos of three angles and six surfaces is an entanglement of greys
The lead-washed earth and sky are like rising ink clouds, swelling and layering
Trowels grating, like a beauty gazing at the details of her makeup
The pen of the artist makes the simple interesting

The simple point, line and plane remove any immature posturing
and reveal the most realistic plot
before the focused lenses of the protagonist
Every upward, horizontal and downward look
rides upon the wings of the horizon, flying into the personal theater of the imagination

The unpredictable cloud lines that smudge the space
A single surface that stretches with its ripples
and the oversized mosaic of old pieces behind the dining table
enrich the layers within the tableau
The luster from the blue velvet sofa and metallic dining chairs
are like the Summer Triangle, a fascinating existence in every way.

We firmly believe that the relationship between design and space
is not a willful one-way street
All beautiful things come from an accumulation of countless trials
After all, a sharp blade comes from a grindstone
always ready to collide
Trial and error, grasping the right strength, walking the walk
and hoping one day to be in total command of oneself, without rush.


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