Having the courage to break the mold and create something
new has always been a neceessary but hard mission to accomplish in interior design.
Once you have the support of the client, however,
creativity is allowed to spring forth and something refreshing and entirely new can emerge.

Design is definitely the most difficult resonance one can create between human and lifeless materials.
Beside pieces of unique furniture from famous designers,
it is hard to think of a ''dwelling'' when you peer into this space.

Although the steel structure and visible pipelines are marks of manmade processing,
with the smallest amount of possible rustproof,
the roughest, most ancient memories are preserved on these structures.

Iron plates eroded by sulfuric acid become extraordinary backdrops,
and hand-tied reinforcing bars become the screen between the threshold and the kitchen,
an example of recycled waste material.
Next to the patchwork-quilt-like dining table is a brick wall that was purposely damaged.
Red bricks peep out from underneath the grey surface like muscles,
with bits of leftover material extending and towering,
overlapping irregularaly underneath the light,
like wings that have just returned from a long flight,
giving off a kind of fragmented warmth.

In this remote location that seems untouched by the fine trappings of civilization,
there is a precise mood set by the lights and
the balanced colors that chants the amazing grace
of a different dimension for creativity.


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