K-Design A DESIGN - SILVER 美國芝加哥雅典娜優良設計獎


Marble grains intertwine, creating the afterbirth of the newborn,
that brilliant gold resembling Sarira.

Alternating light and darkness
have always been the law of the world.
When chaos arises
black and white woven textures appear.
When indecisiveness passes
how can straightforwardness and openness be absent?

Contrasting colors in the shared spaces
are at once quiet and resounding,
spreading, fragmenting, influencing thoughts and communicating imagery.
Warm skylight enters the house, leaving spots of refined gold,
its brilliance coming from life’s repeated baptism,
condescending yet harmonious
faintly exuding the zen energy of an old monk
a strong force concentrated on one point.


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