TID 德國IF 德國紅點(reddot) 金點設計獎 A International GSADA 6arts K-Design 紐約NEW-YORK 美國spark 德國 柏林 亞洲設計大獎


The bustling covered passages, rough-surfaced concrete walls,
and the various rising and falling shapes converge the focal points through the underside lighting.

The underlying pulsation seem to suggest a force waiting to burst out onto the scene.

When it comes to fashion retailing, vitrines are indispensable,
like a web of desire woven to capture the illusion of resplendence.

But we do not think this way. What if we do not display,
but rather, hide? Countless reversals,
peculiarities and clashing ideas became our direction.

The space is surrounded by high concrete walls and a concealed entrance,
leaving only a horizontal opening on top of the wall,
through which you can see the indoors starlight.

Inside and outside contain two separate walls, apart yet related.

The ceiling is 5 meters high, the layers attracts one’s view,
and its black paint helps the lighting to crawl upwards.

The four surrounding grey walls are tainted by the simplicity of red bricks.

The burnt pattern of the curtain, the lines of outside force,
and the spots left on the cement, all are points of surprise for the visitors who walk in.

Here, the colorful clothing are just ornaments in a container.

The uninhibitedness of the setting is the key.

When your eyes roam over the grey floor and its ups and downs,
they look spontaneous, yet encompass careful thought.

Black iron hangers unfold, adding rhythm and change, going upward,
left and right on the wooden wall panels,
its three-dimensional shape brings warms and contrast to a single material.

The hanging tree trunk casts a shadow like a spider’s web,
a metaphor for the experimentalism in this project,
and gently shattering the myth of brand names.

The employment of cement, brick, recycled material,
nude material, burnt curtains and such,
is the hope to reclaim the starting point of the designer’s belief
in craftsmanship and no compromise,
and to redefine the meaning of beauty.


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