K-Design MUSE-gold IDA2022


Like two dimensions that have been split apart, the distinction is clear:
Like the pupil embedded in the white of the eye;
A visual collision, a Shangri-la within paradise.

Removing the soft focus and gradation of gray zones,
sharp focus is used here to refreshing effect.
The space is cut into two extreme
but emotionally dependent cubes;
like day and night rotating.
It’s an alienated relationship that nevertheless obeys a certain natural law.

Following the rotational path of the sundial
the common area is stripped of pigment
which in turn highlights the darkness of the foyer and study.
Like a dark screen in a movie
used for scene transition,
it can connect unrelated segments
but also coherent scenes.
It depends entirely upon the director’s intention.

On the surface it looks like a straightforward distinction of black on white.
However, the classical plasters on the ceiling,
the aged lead frame painting in the dining area,
the refined marble texture of the floor,
the white chiffon lightly rippling in the wind,
the minimalistic but intricate furniture and lighting fixtures
and even the metallic blue-gray tones
all bring vividness to the big picture
while preserving the space for the owner to do what they will with it.


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