Chapter 1
In the wishful vows of the architect,
it is said that the graceful pillars cannot live independently from the wall.
All of the glances must be discreet and restrained Nevertheless.
The well-proportioned figure cannot escaped notice between the transitions,
steadfast and approaching eternity,
like the ring that has sworn an oath before God.

Chapter 2
The unornamented figure, allow us to see clearly,
the lightness of the frame and outline.
Inside your gray yet extraordinarily clear pupils, reflects the white pillars,
it's heavenly beauty hovering, swirling.
Baptized by light, blessed a melody, sings softly songs of time.
Despite the many years gone by, I now want to answer your question,
it isnt's that i don't like the seductiveness of bright red and purple,
it is that the freshness and beauty of the unadorned.
Is what leaves me longing day and night.

Chapter 3
Sometimes, in front of the mirror, at every moment that captures your attention,
I lift up the cinnabar in my hand unconsciously and dab a sparkle of bright red on the lashes,
on the cheeks before the real me.
There is no good way to share myself with you.
To make it hard for you to leave from now on,
I stand so quietly and so solemnly where I am,
with only light, wind, an occasional falling flower,
or the shadow of a butterfly and,
the beauty that refuses to go with the tide.


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