TID 德國IF 日本JCD 金點設計獎


This project is our third creation of its kind.
Continuing the Eco-friendly theme,
this boutique uses a simple concept in its space distribution.
Separating the street and the boutique,
the French windows and simple concrete wall create a closet effect,
which half reveals its content,
drawing pedestrians to take a closer look.

The flooring is cement mixed with epoxy,
and the walls are made with waste boards that were scorched,
smoked or carbonized.

Along with the tree trunks draping from the ceiling,
a maze-like forest is created.

The chill of stainless steel,
the heat of scorched iron,
the stillness of wood.

The conflict and contrast of the materials are sprinkled
with the couture threading throughout the boutique,
creating an impressive installment art.


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