TID 德國IF A International


Fair faced concrete, cement, calcium silicate and pandomo.

All of these building materials give off a cold and stiff impression.

Some of these lack flexibility or malleability,
and because of their naturally gray shade,
most of them are not what we would associate with the warmth that living quarters require.

However, the more impossible it seems,
the more motivated we are to try.

For this apartment design,
the first we did was to change the layout to accommodate the needs of the currently single owner,
as well as leave enough room for a future family.

We allowed the biggest accessibility possible,
using large quantities of fair faced concrete,
cement and calcium silicate on the main walls,
various cabinets, ceiling design and flooring.

Which is to say, everything that can be seen in this apartment,
save a few pieces of ornamental furniture,
is completely enveloped in a world of gray.

Furthermore, by utilizing diamond-shaped angles,
and the movement of material, design, and color,
we create a stunning visual effect that breaks the mold
of institutionalized thought. In this space,
there isn't a single horizontal line,
and the interlacing angles of the three-dimensional surfaces are bursting
with impeccable calculation and detailed craftsmanship,
satisfying the creative flair of the designer,
as well as giving the owner all the comforts of a home.

Between the clashing of classical and modern,
the weighing between contours and rhythm,
and the balancing between silence and movement,
we strive for the unknown, and verify the known.


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