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The monarch of Clouds lingers in the sky, wandering, its brilliance shining boundlessly.
Chuci, Nine Songs—The Monarch of Clouds

A journey has a beginning: so it has an end. But creative spaces differ.
It all depends on whether the executor wants to give just a hint; or to strive for utmost detail.

Retaining imagination; the remaining music echoes throughout the roofs; underlying sounds and meanings; is therefore boundless.

Departing from fixed expectations of universal values,
Using wooden pallets still stained with marks of cement, weaving an orderly outline,
Like quiet and solemn soldiers in rows,
Wearing their life’s hardship like armor, once more they step onto the battlefield.

Purposely covered large windows, though the light and emerald green shines through ever so brightly, cannot fight the shell of loneliness that silently shuts itself in.
Looking around, they appear to be shining cocoons, or like the dark night, boundless.
The low light streaks are like tenacious silk,
Lithe, yet full of life.

The towering bound iron partitions,
Though not as wide as the border between two opposing powers, are able to carve out many dimensions of parallel universes,
With the helping force of light, the web extends towards four corners like branches,
Like thought begetting breath, sometimes expanding, sometimes compressing.
Sometimes light and sometimes heavy, sometimes bright and sometimes dark,
It cannot reign in the thoughts that take flight.

Like an empty castle, the king’s resplendent crown falls in a corner;
The ruler who hides behind scenes seems not to exist.
People whisper to each other under the lights,
Devise strategies at the metal long table,
So that when the scene changes, the memories of time and space
Are gradually diluted into clear containers.
Quiet, calm, gentle, unhurried.

Built with the most humble of materials, it is nevertheless rich in the sensation of contrast and vastness.
The performance is not about criticism, but sparing no effort between experiment and impromptu,
Or perhaps having no hesitation,
Regardless, continuous good shows are still on the ascent.


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