Building materials and the way it is crafted open up endless possibilities within a space.
In this small but exquisite apartment of about 33 sq.
meters, the graceful ocean blue epoxy contours interlace in multiple layers,
boldly taking its inspiration from the deep blue ocean.
This is not only a new experiment in craftsmanship,
but also an unconscious act to define the boundaries of the user's living environment.

Besides using the tranquility and refreshing quality of the color blue,
the designer draws from water its mercurial and flexible characteristic,
inserting it into designs such as the wave-like cabinet in the living room quarters,
which is both functional and theme-oriented.

The plate engraving in the ceiling is a departure from tradition.

And through the guidance of multi-colored lights,
each angle gives the viewer a different sight.

The most memorable focal point is probably the white bar in the corner,
where the white ribbon folds up from the cabinet,
dances a soft solitary dance in the air and ends up next to the bed.

Here the waves crash softly against the body and mind,
releasing all pressure slowly and invisibly.


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