A International MUSE-gold


It is the modern, collective product of the senses, desire and character.
Space is born from man, and never afraid to be unique.
All investigation might as well be considered obvious
A chaotic beginning embeds into daily routine,
baptizing each detail of life, to add to the circumference of creativity.

The undulating and delicate changes
penetrates the visible, concrete and brilliant ceiling, floor and walls.
The designer’s vivacious ingenuity,
the presentation of strength and beauty,
under different angles stuns the observer when it reaches their sight.

From the foyer
the irregular and efficient angular lines of the walls extend toward the windows,
from different angles the appearance exudes wisdom,
refining a balance between volume and déjà vu.
The monochromatic floor is an insistence on the classical,
outside the dining area the wooden tones
speak softly of a passive, static then active leisure.
The television pole holds the earth and the sky,
retaining an earthly bustle, and allows an occasional infiltration,
radiating an easy leisure and deep amusement.

The hallway is capricious,
light marble walls lined with thin strips of light, full-bodied dimensions.
Private ground
still belongs to linear light, they rule the little corner together
with simplicity and refinement, they compete in the same arena.


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