K-Design A DESIGN - SILVER SG MARK 2019 MUSE-gold SIDS 美國spark 法國French De 美國TITAN


Although Pandora is a myth,
she is entangled in the worldly yearnings of mortals.
Is there a place where it could be like in the legends,
full of twists and turns, virility, and magnificence of the mortal world,
while satisfying the cement structure of humanistic senses?
Living, enjoying, feasting, exhibiting, idling, entertaining,
all within a cubic box of exceptional charm.
Function is hidden behind fine brushwork;
Ingenuity finds its source in effortlessness.
Neither fast nor slow, the heart rises and the thoughts move
between the boundary of reality and dream.

Facing the light, the staircase rises in front of the ceiling window.
The sparkling, towering black stone wall is like a silent giant.
The sky and earth are a turbid grey, scattered with wooden grains.
Like sticky-warm afterbirth, they bind the space and stays close to the heart and soul.
Behind the seamless and continuous wooden structure
is a little universe equipped with high-tech functions.

As you slowly make your way up the steps,
the partially high ceiling space echoes with soul,
the wall lights create a sense of depth, as if you are in the clouds as you ascend.
The display cases next to the kitchen are laid with black velvet,
emitting the warmth and flame of a rare treasure,
which, with time, becomes ever more beautiful.

Although its true brilliance is obfuscated,
the handicraft that reveals itself inch by inch throughout the space
is like a meticulously woven brocade, every thread carefully considered.
At the end, your senses will be like heavy bronze bells
giving off a crisp and bright sound with a blow, that reverberates through the air.


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