The place might be small, but that’s alright.
Because the scenery and fun we are about to offer
Is a living organism that no amount of romance can diminish.

The diagonally cut steps, partially separated space and ceilings not only emphasize the layers, but draws the vision in a constructive way.
The large weathered brick wall reacts to the grey polished ceiling and floor to condense the sense of time.
The lazy sofa absorbs the tired body, offering the softest caress no matter day or night.

The sleeping area by the window is a quiet cave that rejects disturbance.
Cocooned within old wooden plank walls and ceiling, it’s a tranquil corner designed to hibernate.
Let’s pretend it’s a bomb shelter! Once inside, you can hide from any kind of bombardment, and get a good night’s sleep.

The tarnish on the wall give a metallic or inky sheen,
which is the effect of brushing bitumen on recycled wood.
Vertical, horizontal, irregular lines
Like a steady but strong pulse
Beating against the heart of the inhabitant and observer
It is necessary to establish your own path, but storage functions must not be overlooked.

Large recycled surfaces painted with bitumen resemble oil paintings under the light, unusually exquisite, and separates humidity.
The concrete multi-purpose table is the centerpiece for reunions, while the lightweight TV wall leaps from its usual stage, displaying more functions with its flexible angles.

The place might be small, but size does not affect the effect.
And the breathtaking effect is in direct proportion to the quality of life and the excitement of the unknown.


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