Behind the vitrines, countless spotlights dutifully etch out the exciting features of its characters.

The offhandedly open space allows the eye to take in the width and depth.
The unfinished ceiling reveals a simple industrial aesthetic, and raises the visual effect.
In the center of the room, dark brown pillars align,
becoming the base of large symmetrical shapes that spreads its wings into the air.

The originality and roughness of the material is a reflection of our passion for environmental issues
blended with outstanding craftsmanship,
so that the power and beauty of these shapes can interpret endless imagination.
The extending symmetrical counter and ceiling, which received its inspiration through diamonds,
float within the borders of sight through its interpretation of lines and light and shadows;
The light, free wings symbolize a tiny universe, taking on the world.

Wooden wings transform ordinary pillars into installation art,
combining the beauty of structural physics with the metaphor of business taking flight.

The top and bottom symmetries echo with the warmth of wood,
and represent the blending of original material and modern craftsmanship


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