Huai-su’s agile calligraphy leaves later generations in awe.
Such uninhibitedness conceals an exquisite Tang style,
and passes to Japan through the ages, day after day,
extracting the essence into what we see today,
that irresistible zen and tranquility.

If the boldness of Tang songs collide once more with the later Japanese style,
what kind of chemistry would they concoct within this inconspicuous old apartment?

The dark wooden tones of the entrance and bookshelves draw out the theme,
the swaying fences coupled with a beautiful stone water basin,
the rushing sound is as clear as a stream running over the heart.

From the foyer to the TV wall, sofa area and the patio,
high-technology is built into three differing heights,
making life all the more interesting.

The TV wall is cut into a wooden frame,
which looks ever more multi-dimensional under the lighting.
The irregular wall deco extends from the wall onto the ceiling,
with decorative lights seeping through the cracks,
like lightening striking across the sky. At that moment,
the tranquil room is suddenly injected with a rush of gallantry.

The comfortable and fascinating sofa area reminds one of a nest.
Behind the sofa is a custom-made wooden table with metal studs,
revealing an uninhibited Viking spirit,
which poses a striking contrast with the silvery screen behind it,
setting the boundary of the kitchen.

Through the glass windows, the shimmering charm of Taipei 101 glitters,
and the nearly all-transparent shower room displays both
an avant-garde romanticism and an elite taste in technology.


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